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Staffing & Payroll Services

Staffing & Payroll Services

Staffing & Payroll Services


Elite HRM provides temporary as well as permanent employees for assignments in many fields. We provide personnel for short term and long-term assignments anywhere in the India, on our payroll or the client's. This service helps to reduce client's recruitment cost and time. We combine speed, efficiency, flexibility, professional service, and lower cost with the latest technology to furnish the best candidates for our client. Outsourcing HR administration to us certainly give our client more time to concentrate on their core business and, at the same time, save their time, money and resources.


Payroll outsourcing

We provide end-to-end payroll outsourcing solution that reduces processing costs with a streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll, statutory and compliance needs.


Every company, no matter what the business size or nature, needs to have its payroll computed every month. Unfortunately, for many companies, payroll processing can prove to be a hassle due to :-

  • Payroll computation errors.
  • Issues with income tax and statutory compliance bodies (PF & ESIC offices).
  • High fixed costs of payroll management.
  • Study proves that in house HR Admin is more costly than outsourcing.


We offer comprehensive and personalized payroll processing to our clients by using the latest payroll software. By combining the latest technology with knowledgeable, educated staff, Elite HRM is able to provide fast, accurate payroll processing by maintaining utmost confidentiality. We have years of experience in all employment, payroll matters and provide all statutory compliances. Our Services includes collecting the attendance details of employees, and processing the salary, preparing individual tax computation statements, preparing salary slips, taking and issuance of Form 16 (at the end of the financial year). We also look after computation of EPF, ESIC, PT, TDS & Bank Statement details, Leave Encashment Bonus/ LTA/ Medical/ Loan/ reimbursement computation. We ensure that the salary is processed on time.

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