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Legal Advisory Services

Legal Advisory Services

Legal Advisory Services


We provide comprehensive integrated solutions across the entire legal services in the most cost effective and time effective manner. Our services can be availed for litigation, non-litigation and paralegal activity related to employment. Our services include preparing strategy for legal issues, documentation & convincing, research, intellectual property rights and litigation related matter. Our legal services can also be availed online. 


Our repertoire of services range from Consultancy on Statutory Obligations, Structuring of Compliance Module to Drafting of Employment Documents and under this head including Litigation services related to employment & service matters, we offer the following services to our clients:


Advisory Services related to Employment & Service matters :

  • Consultancy and structuring of Labour Laws Requirement Module for New / Start-up Companies
  • Suspension, charge sheet, disciplinary action, misconducts.
  • Appointment, removal, termination, dismissal.
  • Prevention of Sexual harassment at workplace and other related issues.
  • Labour disputes, Industrial Disputes, Labour Court cases, Industrial Tribunal cases.


Litigation Services related to following matters :

  • Industrial Disputes, Labour law cases, employment disputes.
  • Industrial and Labour Courts in ID matters.
  • Matters related to the Payment of Gratuity, Workman Compensation, PF & ESI.


Documentation Services :

  • Drafting of documents related to service and employment 
  • Drafting of various legal documents including appointment letters, contracts, bonds etc.
  • Drafting of industry specific Industrial Standing Orders.
  • Drafting of customized Employee Code of Ethics
  • Structuring of Model for HR Department


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