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HR Consulting & Advisory

HR Consulting & Advisory


If you are an owner or HR manager of a small/ medium business, you already know just how daunting and multifaceted your job is. Why not rely on a partner like Elite HRM Solutions to take care of the routine HR functions so you can focus on the strategic. No one could ever replace you, but you should consider outsourcing some of your HR tasks. 


With local understanding of HR practices and compliance requirements, we provide customised HR outsourcing solutions to fit your specific requirements and budget constraints. We offer flexible plans to suit your HR needs and budgets. Our service has been recognized by our clients as being one of the most dependable and professional in the market. We take care of all your HR Administration work starting from.


As a part of the Outsourced HR offering, we take complete ownership for all systems, activities, processes, practices, initiatives, and most importantly decisions taken in managing the HR function for the client.

  • Focus on Core Activities
  • Cost and Efficiency Savings
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Operational Control
  • Staffing Flexibility
  • Unbiased, Committed & Trusted HR Partner.
  • Continuity & Risk Management
  • Develop Internal Staff



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